Getting Started.

With 75% of ERP projects failing to meet their objectives, you need to make sure you get started in the right way.


Starter Implementation 

Starter Implementation projects take between 10 and 20 weeks with costs starting at around $30k without customization.
The exact timeline is driven by the complexity of your business, the work streams that are in scope, and the number of locations, users, and on-site visits.
Starting in the right way saves rework, money, and sanity. Our proven 3 phase approach gets the job done with minimal fuss and frustration.
Don't be another failed ERP statistic.

Get Started

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Typical Implementation / 12 Weeks

Phase 1 - Business Simulator

weeks 1 to 6

  • Simulate your business in Odoo
  • Use our Business Processes Library
  • Identify and mitigate gaps
  • Build awareness in your business
  • Minimum of 1 week on-site

Phase 2 - Implementation

weeks 7 to 12

  • Prepare and train your users
  • Migrate your master data
  • Migrate your transactional data
  • Cutover and Go-Live
  • Optional on-site support

Phase 3 - Customization

weeks 12+

  • Business process design
  • Development and Quality Assurance
  • Prepare and train your users
  • Cutover and Go-Live
  • Ongoing health checks and audit

Phase 1 / Week 1-6

Business Simulator

The purpose of the Business Simulator is to identify and close any gaps between your existing processes and the standard processes contained in our Business Process Library.

Each week the gap list gets smaller and smaller as we run your real-world scenarios in Odoo using different flows until we're all happy that your business can run in Odoo.

At the end of Phase 1, we will plan your Phase 2 - Implementation.

During week 2, we’re on-site with you
Your entire team will be engaged in this process, so we can make sure all your needs are met. That’s why we’ll be there for you - like really there, in flesh and bones - to give your project the good start you deserve.
Our Business Process Library contains over 150 processes that work in standard Odoo plus our Silverdale Module Extensions - there's no need for you to spend weeks mapping your existing processes - we've done the hard work for you.

Phase 2 /  Week 7-12

Set-up & configuration

A bunch of jargon and abbreviations could describe this section. Instead, we’ll focus on setting Odoo up to work for your business, as we discovered during Phase 1.

Data clean-up & migration

No matter how good of a system we build, it doesn’t work if we don’t feed it clean 
and correct data.

This is where we take everything you have, take it apart, and put it back together in a way that Odoo will make the best use of.

User training

Involving users at the earliest stages of implementation and then throughout the delivery phase is a key part of driving user adoption and long-term success.

After we’ve installed and set up your Odoo according to the implementation plan, your team will undergo extensive end-user training.


Pop the champagne, and bring out the caviar! 
Oh, and we’re on-site with you again (for the fancy food, of course)

Any questions, or any problems you’ll have, we’ll be there - literally within arm’s reach. Things can and do break, no matter how much we prepare for every scenario.

If our on-site person happens to be during their off time, you also have 24/7 priority access to our support team and senior architects.

Early Life Support and Change Sustained

It will take a little while for your team to get 100% comfortable with the new system.

So we’ll ensure that your system is not affecting your business and make the transition as seamless as possible.

Phase 3 /  Week 12+


Only after you’ve used your Odoo for a while you’ll discover the exceptional scenarios that are unique to your business, which are missing from your system.

Sometimes, standard doesn’t cut it, but it’s more than slapping some custom code to your Odoo. We make sure it’s scale and future-proof. You don’t want your entire system to crush the first time you update Odoo from a few lines of custom code. We’ve seen it happen too many times.