Benefits Galore.

First, we assume we will be with you for the next 20 years.

This is an important principle for us as it ensures long-term thinking and not short-term opportunism

Our 20-year thinking also guides how we choose to add value to our Partners - not just in Projects, but in your day-to-day operations.

Let us tell you more... 

Free Upgrades

That's right, you read that correctly. If Silverdale does your Starter Implementation, Back to Standard, or Odoo Rescue project then we will upgrade you for free, every 2 years.

This is how we demonstrate our skin in the game to keep you using standard Odoo and our Silverdale Module Extensions Apps. And if we do need custom development, we do it in a way that is upgradable easily.

Silverdale Cares

Silverdale Cares is our unique way of providing support to our Partner Client Users directly from within your own Odoo.

Our Silverdale Cares Module sits right in your Odoo status bar where you can access our team of experts using Live Chat, place a call directly to our support team, and access our knowledge management and training resources.

Direct Print

When you click the Print button you expect Odoo to print, right? Wrong. In standard Odoo the Print button downloads a PDF which you can then open and print.

Silverdale provides all of our Partner Clients with the Direct Print Module and we take care of the monthly subscription and printing costs.

Direct Print is a must-have for every business - with automation and shipping integration available as standard.

Outbound Email 

In default Odoo, you are limited to 400 email sends per day - this limit is far too low for most businesses.

Silverdale provides all of our Partner Clients with an external email service with 40,000 emails per month - completely free of charge.

Need more than 40,000 emails? We also have options available for high-volume email marketing and marketing automation sends.

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