Getting your processes and systems aligned isn't easy.  Here's some of the most common questions we're asked.


We've gathered some of the most frequently asked questions for you.  Of course, if you don't find the answer you can always contact us.

Where do we start?

Pick one team and one business process to start with.  Trying to do everything at once is complex and time-consuming and it's all too easy to lose your way.  For more information, visit our How We Do It page to see what a typical implementation would look like.

How much does an ERP implementation cost?

Now that's a great question.  Unfortunately, there is no single answer as every business is different.  What we can tell you is that there are 3 main components when you think about the cost of a new system:

  1. Upfront consulting and implementation costs - this will start at around $5k for a very basic install, on a single site, with a small team and rise from there based on complexity, number of users and locations
  2. Ongoing license fees - thankfully the good people at Odoo have put together a very handy pricing page where you can get a good idea of the monthly license fees for modules and users.  Please note, these costs do not contain any implementation or support costs.
  3. Support and Training - we offer ongoing support packages to customers which range from $200 per month to $3,000 per month and it depends on the level and method of service (email only versus phone support, 24x7 versus 8x5).

If you would like a more accurate estimation, please contact us.

We already started on our own and are in a bit of mess, can you help?

Yes! You'd be surprised how many times this happens.  We can help you figure out what you you really need and what you currently have and then figure out a plan to get you back on track.

We have a lot of data in Excel/Access/Oracle/SAP/Salesforce/etc/etc, can you put this in Odoo for us?

Yes, we can do this for you.  But what we do ask is that you cleanse the data first - there's no point bringing over old or obsolete data.

We have lots of existing systems, can you integrate with them?

The short answer is yes we can.  However, we would encourage you to look at what those systems are doing and see if there is an existing Odoo module that can do the same or better.  Integration and interfaces is often the most costly aspect of a project and if we can have everything integrated into the Odoo platform it keeps the costs lower and time-scales shorter.

Can you export data from Odoo into Excel?

Yes you can, but by the time you have your new ERP system implemented you really won't want or need to ;-)

What is a Module?

Modules are groupings of functionality designed around a particular business process, such as Purchasing or Sales.  Odoo currently has 46 active modules and the goods news is they all work and integrate with each seamlessly.  Some modules have dependencies on other modules, such as eCommerce requires you to also have the Website module. It can be a little confusing as to what modules you actually require to manage your particular business so please do Contact Us and we can walk you through it.

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