Producing more
paperwork than product?

Quite often, business owners get bogged down with redundant office work rather than managing the parts 
of the business that bring in the money.
This could be anything from double-checking financial reports, chasing down inventory counts, or moving data from your excel sheet to QuickBooks.

Not only is this time-consuming, but it leaves so much room for human error.

  See how DG Solutions manage their  
manufacturing process with Odoo


“The best part of working with Silverdale has been 
their willingness to not allow us to fail”

Implementing Odoo the right way fixes issues such as

Stale inventory

Running out of raw material

Misplaced inventory

Production bottlenecks

Long customer waiting times

Lack of scalability

Unknown product availability

Inaccurate sales forecasting

Lack of traceability

Avoid the common pitfalls of ERP implementation for manufacturing 

Migration without production downtimes

Switching to a new system, no matter how good it is, has its hurdles.

We make sure your business doesn’t suffer, and you experience a smooth 
transition to your new system.


Your new system won’t just need to work now but also easily scale with 
your growing business.

Running lean

More complexity = more chances for something to break.

You have enough machines to keep oiled and running; technology shouldn’t 
be another burden. We’ll design your system to work with minimal 
maintenance and cost.

Data silos

When your manufacturing tech doesn’t talk to your e-commerce or sales 
tech, there’s trouble.

That’s when production problems start to pile up, leading to frustrated and 
angry customers. That’s why we build a single system to rule them all. You’ll 
be able to view and control your business from a single place of truth.

Reluctant staff

Involving users at the earliest stages of implementation and then 
throughout the delivery, phase is a key part of driving user adoption 
and long-term success.

Learning a new system is another pressing task on top of their daily to-do 
list. We make sure they get all the training and support needed for a 
successful implementation.

Instant support

Ok, ok, things do break sometimes.

That’s why we’re always there - a chat or phone call away - 24/7. We make 
sure, bugs will have little to no impact on your production.

Hardware that works

The last thing you want is to install a new ERP only to find out it doesn’t 
talk to your devices.

We've partnered with some of the biggest hardware brands to provide the 
the best hardware for various industries and applications.

We test and preconfigure all your hardware to work with your specific Odoo 
system. Printers, barcode scanners, scales, and more for the most efficient 
production environment.

How we helped Mountain Meadow Herbs build a   
good foundation for their business practices 


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