Excel is Pain in the Proverbial - Part 3

Wash, wash, wash your data, clean, clean, clean your data.

We had the fields, we had the data in spreadsheets, we had different spellings and formats.  So now began the most important job, making sure we didn't just create the same mess in Odoo.

So we cleansed our data.  We took all the columns that were essentially the same thing and normalized the data in the column.  Normalization means removing duplicates, correcting spellings (and removing duplicates again).  Finding all the entries with odd spaces before or after the text (Jessica - you know who you are).  We then had a master list of all the relevant entries that needed to be in Odoo.

A quick review of the existing Odoo entries versus our new master lists provided us with the gaps and we imported these into Odoo.  A quick verification that everything was how it should be and we were done.

Well not quite.

Now we had the fields and the data in them we had to make sure that users were able to use them and really take over from the spreadsheets.  So we had to create some new views, reports and dashboards.  Luckily this exercise is made easier by using the Odoo Studio app and in a couple of days we were good to launch.

Or so we thought.

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