Odoo Audit
The Silverdale Audit is designed to provide you with the data, insights, and actions to establish a truly useful ERP to support your business.

Our Standard Audit will review all aspects of your Odoo and provide a comprehensive report with recommendations and actions to improve your Odoo. Your report will be ready in 10 days.

The Enhanced Audit will give you the same review and report as the Standard Audit but also includes multiple sessions with an Odoo expert to provide immediate guidance on how to improve and enhance your Odoo. This report will be ready in 15 days.

With the Preferred Audit not only will you get the complete review of your Odoo database, but you will also get a week of on-site time from Silverdale to review physical processes, provide immediate support and training, and a report with all recommendations at the end of a 20-day review.
2,000.00 2000.0 USD
STAR is our all-you-can-eat Support, Training, Apps, and Resources service for a fixed monthly price.

The STAR subscription includes access to all Silverdale Module Extensions (SMEs), access to our complete Business Process Library, unlimited functional support, and unlimited user training.

Partner Clients also receive external email and direct print services and a 5% discount on hardware. Becoming a Partner Client is free, ask us how.
500.00 500.0 USD per month


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