Manage your field service business without the headaches

Scaling your business can only happen if you can see all the moving parts of your business. And when it comes to field service... we bet you have your hands full.
Beyond the usual benefits of an ERP system (CRM, Accounting, HR, and so on),
we transformed Odoo into a tool specifically designed for field service experts.

Here are just a few of the superpowers you can have:  

Real-time information

From the field technicians to the warehouse, with real-time timesheets in between. Anything can be measured or logged, and you can have it all in one place.

Business Forecasting

Dreaming big is nice, but getting there can be a bumpy road. Your ERP system can help you navigate, set realistic expectations, and track progress.

Get signatures and collect 
payment on the spot

Tired of clients forgetting to pay your invoices?
Now your field service teams can collect payment on the spot.

Resource planning & route management

If you find that your teams are running around in circles, wasting both time and fuel, now it can be avoided.

The system will automatically tell them all the parts and tools they need for the day and plot the most efficient route between clients.

The same goes for your inventory - what goes in, what goes out, what’s out on the field at any given moment, and what’s running low. 100% visibility.

Field team management

Coordinate and communicate with your employees with ease. 
With all the information in one place, there’s no more room for 
confusion or mistakes. You all speak the same language now.

And here’s how we make sure you get a seamless 
transition to your new systems:

1. Set-up and configuration

We keep Odoo standard as much as possible. We both know very well how dangerously tinkering can be.

When standard doesn’t cut it, we have a library of over 100+ plug & play module extensions that include our ongoing support and updates.

Some amount of custom code can be inevitable, but it’s our last resort.

2. Train your team

Involving users at the earliest stages of implementation is a key part of driving user adoption and long-term success. It’s not rocket science, but we’ll make sure that your entire team is familiar with both your new processes and your system.

3. Migrate your data

We’ll take care of it for you. Consolidation, clean-up, the whole thing.

4. Go-live

Any questions, any problems you’ll have, we’ll be there - literally within arm’s reach. Things can and do break, no matter how much we prepare for every scenario.

If our on-site person happens to be during their off time, you also have 24/7 priority access to our support team and senior architects.

5. Ongoing support

We stand behind our work. Every implementation comes with a 90-day warranty period. 

Looking for a little help using Odoo? No problem! Change management experts help you navigate your new processes and offer support for user adoption.

24/7/365 - you’re never alone. You get access to Odoo experts in real time: live chat, virtual screen sharing, email support, and the practice process maps and training resources.  

Optional: set-up your hardware

Handheld devices for your field team, fixed stand terminals for your warehouse, scanners, printers. You name it, we’ll make it part of your workflow.

5 weeks - $20,000

Implementation / 5 Weeks

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