Selecting the Right ERP Partner

How do you know they're the one?

Implementing a new ERP system is one of the most significant decisions you will make for your business.  You will have many questions, such as: How long will it take to implement? How do I stick to my budget? Should I customize it by software? How do I train my team? And so many more!  The first step in ensuring a successful ERP implementation is to find a partner to help answer your questions and keep your project on track.

But how do you find the right ERP partner?

Here are some things to consider about who should be your ERP implementation partner:

What is their level of expertise in implementing and using the software?

Yes, many software businesses can set up your ERP system. But what kind of experience do they have with it? This is significant when considering how they will train you to use the software. It is necessary to have a technical background in software. However, practical experience is just as necessary.

How much experience does your ERP partner have in your industry?

Every industry has its nuances. You should work with a partner who understands those nuances and can provide you with an ERP system tailored to your industry.

How much customization does your partner suggest?

Customizing ERP software during implementation is risky and costly. Adding a lot of custom development introduces risk to the timely completion and cost of your ERP implementation. Sticking to a more standard implementation strategy will reduce risk and keep costs under control.

Has your partner been upfront about the total cost of your implementation project?

When paying hourly for your ERP implementation, expect to spend twice as much as you planned at the end of the project. Ideally, your ERP partner should be able to provide an upfront estimate of the total cost of the implementation within a reasonable range.

Do you and your ERP partner agree on the project timeline?

Time is money. Knowing how long your ERP implementation project will take will assist you in managing resources, training, software renewals, and other projects that rely on your ERP being completed on time. If you're working with an experienced implementation partner, they should be able to provide you with a reliable project timeline.

Training is a critical part of your new ERP. Does your implementation partner have a defined process for training?

Knowing how your employees will use the system and receiving practical training will aid in the smooth transition of your business to your new software. Be sure that your ERP partner has an established training and support plan that will set your team up for success.

What happens after your implementation is complete?

Do you know how your ERP partner will assist you after your project is completed? ERP software is similar to a car that you drive every day. It will require adjustments and tweaks. You should be confident in your partner's post-go-live support.

Your ERP implementation is only as good as your ERP partner.  Making the right choice up front is critical to the success of your project.  Silverdale has helped implement the Odoo ERP software for dozens of clients and continues to support over 500 users worldwide.  

Contact us to hear more about Odoo and partnering with Silverdale. 

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