Astron Dental & Silverdale

Astron Dental, a leader in manufacturing dental nightguards, splints and denture materials, engaged with Silverdale to migrate them to Odoo.

Tom Rissman, the President, and CEO of Astron Dental, describes the journey of working with Silverdale to implement Odoo.

Our partnership has been a great example of multiple projects, all of which were aimed at a successful Odoo implementation and Go-Live.

Astron started with an Odoo Audit on their existing Odoo 13 used by their parent company, Reliance Dental. Silverdale provided valuable feedback on the current set-up, some quick fixes, and user training to stabilize the current systems while we get ready for the larger project.

The next step was to move Reliance from Odoo Cloud to -  providing the Reliance team with greater flexibility to manage their Odoo instance.

Next came the Version Upgrade from Odoo 13 to 15 - including user re-training on version changes in their business processes.

Finally, the big prize of migrating the Astron Dental business into Odoo 15 was completed. As the previous steps were completed in a very controlled and systematic way, and the Astron and Silverdale teams were very used to working with each other, the implementation was painless and seamless, with Astron not missing a single day of production time in between.


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