Silverdale Inventory Extension

The Silverdale Inventory Extension provides access to the following functions:

1) Auto Lot on Stock Move Lines – Lot will be created automatically for Stock Move Lines.
2) Prevent Negative Inventory - disallow negative Inventory Levels.
3) Create Invoice from Stock – Adds automatic invoice option on delivery confirmation
4) Calculate Volume on Product – Calculate the volume of products
5) Delivery Order Status - Stock status on sale order.
6) Enable the 'Deliver To' name on Package Label and Report - Adds the Deliver To name on the ZPL Package Label and Package Contents report.
7) Fetch Delivery shipping label - Fetch delivery shipping label
8) Hide Internal Reference - Hide product internal reference from customers.
9) Show Delivery Order on Portal - show delivery order on customer portal
10) Show Customer Reference on Delivery Order - Show customer reference on delivery order on portal
11) Export CSV from Portal Delivery Order - Export CSV from portal.
12) Return Feature for Delivery Orders in Portal - Return delivery from portal. Choose the Ticket Support for Return
13) Return Email Send - Email is sent to the customer while validating the return of the Delivery Order.
14) Shipping on Delivery order – Adds Shipping on delivery order and removes delivery option from sale order. Used with FedEx
15) FedEx on Delivery - Compute shipping costs and ship with FedEx on Delivery
16) FedEx Freight on Delivery - FedEx Freight shipping method to Compute shipping costs and ship with FedEx Freight on Delivery
17) Transfers Waiting Stage - Display detailed information on transfers that are in the "waiting for another operation" state will indicate what they are waiting for.
18) Split Delivery Order - Split delivery order for multiple recipients.
19) Hide Validate Button On Transfer - Adds user groups 'Hide Validate Button on Transfer' on the user setting.
20) Stop Shipping Email Confirmation - Validate a delivery without sending the shipping confirmation email.
21) Return Label FedEx - Adds tracking ref on return label: FedEx.
22) Return Label UPS - Adds tracking ref on return label: UPS.
23) Return Label Easypost - Adds tracking ref on return label: Easypost.
24) Pick Pack Ship - Create a Master Package for Multiple Packages in Transfer
25) FedEx freight on delivery - FedEx freight shipping method to compute shipping costs and ship with FedEx freight on delivery
26) Shipping Method Auto Get Rates - Get auto rates of shipping methods while adding shipping.
27) Restock notification - See the customer list for who is waiting for stock
28) Clear All Packs - Add a button to clear(unpack) all packages and do a quantity on transfer.
29) Move the "Warehouse" field position in SO master form - Move the "Warehouse" field from the 'Other Info' tab to the sale order master form.
30) Transfer Adjustment Notification - Notify selected user when someone updated inventory adjustments
31) Disable kanban drag & drop on product - Disable kanban view drag and drop on product category.
32) Package Type Selection Radio Popup - Enable package type selection radio Popup.
33) Warehouse Rules - Automatically assign warehouse on Sales Orders based on the warehouse rules.
34) Kit Delivery Slip - Adds kit delivery slip report on transfer
35) Stock Location Barcode - Add barcode and parent location field on the locations list view.
36) Lot/Serial Move History - Add a smart button for product moves on the lot/serial form view.
37) Serial no. quality control point - Create quality control points based on serial no.
38) Prevent extra products in barcode
a) Add 'Prevent Extra Product' checkbox on Operation Type.
b) Hide 'Add Product' button on the Barcode App based on the checkbox.
c) Extra Product Scan restriction.
d) Use alternate serial instead of reserved one
39) Add salesperson as follower on transfer - Add salesperson as the follower on transfers of the sale order
40) MO per sales quantity - Generates a manufacturing order for each product quantity upon sales order confirmation.
41) Delivery order count W.R.T sale order lines - See delivery order count on sale order w.r.t Sale order lines relation with delivery order lines
42) Barcode Information - Show shipping carrier on barcode operations
43) Email Based on Operation Types - Allows you to send email notifications based on the operation types.
44) Multi-Company Product - Set multi-company for a product.
45) Multi Company Product Barcode - Check product barcode uniqueness w.r.t Company.
46) Quality Alerts on Barcode - Add quality alerts at barcode.
47) Enlarge Barcode Buttons - Enlarge barcode bottom button size.
48) Analytic On Scrap - Add analytic on scrap order.
49) Request a Count Activity - Create an activity on the product for the user on 'Request a Count' of inventory adjustments.
50) Arrange Shipping Methods based on Price - Arrange shipping methods based on delivery Price

This is a monthly subscription. Ongoing use, support, and updates are provided as long as the subscription is valid.

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