Silverdale eCommerce Extension

The Silverdale eCommerce Extension provides access the following functions:
1) Cancel abandoned cart order - Sales quotation will auto-cancel after a certain period of time.
2) Dependent products - Dependent products will automatically be added to the cart from the portal.
3) Website sale restriction and cart hide - Hide the cart and disable shop on the website from public users
4) eCommerce unearned revenue - eCommerce payment will be booked against the unearned revenue account once the product is shipped, an invoice is created, and it should take payment from the unearned account and reconcile it with the earned account.
5) Add outstanding credits to website/portal - Add outstanding credits on website/portal sale order.
6) Place order on behalf of the customer - Place orders for customers from the portal.

This is a monthly subscription. Ongoing use, support, and updates are provided as long as the subscription is valid.

15.00 15.0 USD per month


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(15.00 / Units)
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Odoo Version Odoo 15 or Odoo 16
Hosting Type
Odoo Edition Enterprise