Silverdale Accounting Extension

The Silverdale Accounting Extension has the following features:
1.) Account Common - Group By Client in Invoices.
2.) CA Checks Layout - Print your reconciled payments in pre-printed Canada check paper format.
3.) Check Printing Base - Extension for check printing, which will add extra stub lines for already reconciled payments when printing checks.
4.) Equipment to Asset – Make a connection between assets in accounting to the equipment made in the maintenance app.
5.) US Checks Layout – This will allow you to print your reconciled payments on pre-printed US check paper format.
6.) Save payment token option for public users - Save payment token option for public users.
7.) Payment Token Activity – This will create an activity for users when a payment token is archived
8.) Enable/Disable user to access Invoices on Portal - Enable or disable contact to access Invoices on Portal
9.) Hide Invoice/Bills from the portal - Hide invoices on the Portal
10.) Allow Card Addresses on the Portal and eCommerce - Payments on eCommerce 11.) Checkout and Portal will allow adding a card address for payment without changing the customer address.
12.) Multiple Invoice Payment Link - Create a single link for multiple invoice payments.
13.) Delivery Tracking On Invoice Report - The invoice report will display the delivery tracking number.
14.) refund access error fix - The payment refund error on payment will be fixed.
15.) Invoice/Bill Reconciliation - Reconcile invoices/bills on the payment.
16.) Employee expenses from bank feeds - Automatic creation of employee expenses with every bank feed, provided that it is activated on the bank journal.

This is a monthly subscription. Ongoing use, support, and updates are provided as long as the subscription is valid.

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