SME Release Notes Odoo 16

SME V16 Silverdale 230314 Release Notes

Welcome to the mid-March release of our Odoo 16 module Extensions. The official release date for these updates is March 14th, but we will contact you individually to schedule the release to your Odoo.

If you want to add any module extensions to your subscription, or if you have any questions or suggestions for future releases, please contact us via Silverdale cares or email us at [email protected].

Release notes for other Odoo versions

New features

Purchase extension : enable vendor pricelist access for basic purchase users

T83443 Basic purchase users in Odoo can view the purchase price of specific products, but only purchase managers have access to the entire vendor pricelist menu and can easily update prices via import/export. By enabling the extension, basic purchase users can gain access to the vendor pricelist sub-menu by dragging it from the configuration menu to the purchase menu.

  1. Go to settings and enable the add vendor pricelist menu in the purchase extension. 
Work flow
  1. Once the feature is enabled go to the purchase module. 
  2. The vendor pricelist menu will be displayed in the main screen, and users with purchase module access rights will be able to see and access it. 
  3. Without having admin access rights, clicking on vendor pricelist will allow you to see and access it.

Security extension: case-insensitive login

T889​78 Standard Odoo login is case sensitive and does not allow users to login if the email is configured in upper case and the user enters the email/user name in lowercase.

Enabling the case sensitive feature allows the user's login name to be any combination of upper or lower case.

  1. Go to settings and enable the login case insensitive feature from the security extension. 

When the feature is enabled, if a user is configured with the username [email protected] and tries to login with [email protected], this will allow the user to login .

Sales extension: sales estimation process ​​

T86909 Once enabled, the estimation feature allows the user to create an estimate before submitting a quotation. The estimate can be sent to the customer to be signed. This way, before the quotation stage, users can see the estimates and gain a better understanding of the orders before receiving the quotation and sales order.

Estimation stages

The estimation will have the following stages with actions on how can each stage be reached. 

  • Estimation 
    • New stage when estimation is created 
  • Estimation sent 
    • Can be reached by clicking on Send estimation
  • Estimation confirm 
    • Can be reached if estimation is sent and signed by customer 
    • Can be reached when Confirm estimation button is clicked 
  • Quotation sent 
    • Can be reached by clicking on Send By email in the Estimation confirm stage 
  • Sales order 
    • Can be reached by clicking on confirm in Estimation Confirm Stage 
    • Can be reached when the quotation is signed by the customer
  1. Go to settings and enable Silverdale estimation from sales extension.


  1. When you enable the feature, you will be redirected to the estimations module, where you can see a list of estimations, filter by my estimations, and group by customers. 
  2. To create an estimation click on new in the estimation module to add customers and products. 
  3. Click send estimation to send the estimate to the customer. The stage will be changed to estimation sent, and the customer will be able to see the preview and sign if the sign field checkbox in the other info tab is enabled. 
  4. Once the estimate is sent, the customer will be able to sign the estimate and will be able to see the preview.
  5. Upon acceptance and signing, the estimation stage will be changed to the estimation confirmed.
  6. You can create a sales order directly by clicking on the confirm button, or you can click on "send quotation," which will send the quotation to the customer and allow the customer to sign the quotation, or you can click on "send by email," which will change the stage to "estimation sent," and the customer will receive an email and be able to sign. 
  7. The quotation will be automatically moved to the sales order stage after the customer accepts and signs it. You can also go to the sales order stage by clicking confirm, which will change the stage to the sales order stage. 

Bug fixes

User role fixes

T92663 Previously, when the user security role feautre was enabled in the security extension, it had an effect on contacts and users and made it impossible to grant portal access to contacts, which has now been resolved.


SME upgrades from Odoo 15 to 16 

The following extensions have been upgraded from V15 to V16 

  1. Manufacturing extension
  2. General Extension: stop master data creation on the fly

Feature updates 

Audit extension: exclude work sheets from audit report

T88962 Previously, all changes to the worksheet were logged and displayed in the audit report; however, after the release, worksheet changes will no longer be included in the audit report; however, other studio changes will remain.

Inventory extension:equipment tracking on contact

T88832 Previously, when the equipment tracking feature in the Inventory extension was enabled, the checkbox allow equipment in contact was displayed, which when checked added a new subtab in the contact named customer equipment. After the release, the checkbox allow equipment in contact will be removed, and the user will be able to see customer equipment in all cases.