SME Release Notes Odoo 16

SME V16 Silverdale 230214 User Guide

Welcome to the mid-February release of our Module Extensions for Odoo 16. The official release date for these updates is February 14th, but we will communicate with you individually to schedule the release to your Odoo.

If you want to add any Module Extensions to your subscription, or have any questions or ideas for future releases, please contact us via Silverdale Cares or email us at [email protected].

To access release notes for V15 and V14 click below: 

We hope you like our new features, and if you have any questions or ideas for future releases, please reach us out via Silverdale Cares or email us at [email protected] or contact your Silverdale representative.

Silverdale Module Extensions for Odoo 16 

New Feature 

    Sales Extension : Warning when cancelling sales order

Bug Fix 

  • Square Payment Aquirre 

New Feature

Sales Extension

T84692 Warning when cancelling sales order is part of Sales App once installed it gives warning on cancellation of any sales order. 

As shown below when user tries to cancel sales order a warning message will be displayed.


Bug Fix

Square Payment Aquire

T86912 In V16 saving token information was having bug and throwing error upon saving the payment information which now has been fixed now user will be able to save the following without error

  • Save the payment details while paying for order or invoice 
  • Save payment information while paying for subscription 
  • Adding Payment method on the portal