SME Release Notes Odoo 15

SME Silverdale 230214 User Guide V15

Welcome to the mid-February release of our Module Extensions for Odoo 15. The official release date for these updates is February 14th, but we will communicate with you individually to schedule the release to your Odoo.

If you want to add any Module Extensions to your subscription, or have any questions or ideas for future releases, please contact us via Silverdale Cares or email us at [email protected].

Release notes for other Odoo versions are here: 

Website Extension

T83549 Issue Coupons Based on Mailing Subscription once enabled, lets you automatically send coupons to website visitors who subscribe to a mailing list. Simply create a mailing list and add the coupon program to the mailing list which will automatically send a coupon to the subscribed user.


  1. Go to Settings > Silverdale Extensions > Website Extension and enable  Coupons based on Mailing List Subscriptions: 
  2. Once enabled, go to Email Marketing > Mailing Lists 
  3. Create or edit existing Mailing List 
  4. Check the Enable Send Coupon check box and select the Coupon Program that you want to link with the Mailing List:

Note: In the website ensure to configure the Mailing List against the email field in order to automatically populate subscribers in list 

User Process

Once all the configuration has been made whenever the user subscribes, they will automatically get an email, based on the Mailing list we have created we have got the email for the 50% discount as shown below. 

Using the coupon code user can go to the website and apply coupon during the checkout and will be able to get the discount for 50%. 

Field Service Extension

Automatically create Analytic Accounts on SO

T85451 Auto-create Analytic Accounts on SO  , having analytic accounts useful to better control income and expenses, reinvoice time to a client, and analyze a service or a product performance. Standard Odoo uses an generic Analytic Account on Field Service whenever a SO is created from a field service task.

 Silverdale extension once enabled creates a specific Analytic account on the combination of the SO number and Customer Name. Renaming Field Service to "SO-Customer" Name making it easy to be tracked. To enable the extension user needs to do following 

  1.  Go to Settings and enable Auto create Analytic/AC in Field Service Extension as shown below 
  2. Once enabled Analytic Account will automatically be created whenever SO is Created in Field Service task  
User Process
  1. Go to Field Service module ,create a task and add customer  
  2. Once task is created add the products and create a sales order as shown below 
  4. As shown above a task is created with customer name as QA@Silverdale and SO is created against the task  
  5. Go to SO and in Other Info Section you will be able to see the Analytic account  with SO Number - Customer Name as shown below 

Automatically create SO from Field Service

T83577 Feature once enabled allows you to select the quotation templates and once the quotation template is selected upon saving  Sales order will be created automatically. 

  1. Go to Settings and Enable Automatically create SO from Field Service from Field Service extension as shown below 

User Flow
  1. Go to file service and Create a Field service task while creating the task an option to add the Quotation will be enabled select the quotationas shown below 

Once Quotation is selected and task is saved Sales order will be created automatically as shown below 


Contact extension

T68063 Enable Filter and Group-By for Ticket Type on Portal was a feature of SME Help Desk extension which now has been changed and moved as a feature of Contact extension as shown below. 


To enable the feature ensure Enable/Disable user to access Helpdesk Tickets on Portal  is enabled if not enabled then you will not be able to enable Group-by Ticket type on Portal.  

Bug Fix

Pos Blank Receipt Printing (Fixed)  

T84767 For POS Square Payment Terminal we have we have fixed a bug previously old historical receipts upon printing were being printed blank which is fixed and any receipts if they are to be printed or old paid historical receipts will not be blank.

Time sheet extension

T85634 we have done fixes for Invoice time sheet and reporting mismatch, previously adding multiple Service based products with invoicing policy Based on timesheets  in Sales order causes mismatch on the final invoicing. 

It has been fixed now and users can add multiple Service products with Invoicing policy based on timesheet and it will generate accurate invoice without having conflict on invoice charges.