SME Release Notes Odoo 15 end March 2023

Welcome to the end of March release of our Module Extensions for Odoo 15. The official release date for these updates is the 28th, but we will communicate with you individually to schedule the release to your Odoo.

If you want to add any Module Extensions to your subscription, or have any questions or ideas for future releases, please contact us via Silverdale Cares or email us at [email protected].

Release notes for other ODOO versions are here: 

New Features

Accounting Extension: add fee per payment acquirer

Easily configure 4 types of fees for each payment acquirer as needed: fixed domestic, variable domestic, fixed international, and variable international fees.

  1. Enable the surcharges on payment acquirer feature
  2. Add all the required payment acquirers (you can only select payment acquirers in stage enabled, or test mode)                                                                         
  1. Go to accounting / Configuration / Payment Acquirers 
  2. Open one of the payment acquirers that was selected during the configuration step
  3. The payment has a new tab "Fee", when users can configure a specific product and the way the fee will be computed 

Manufacturing Extension: unable to start MO/WO until previous step is completed

This feature makes sure that users do not start a manufacturing order, or a work order when there is a previous steps still pending to be completed avoiding mistakes and ensuring that no time is lost during manufacturing operations.

  1. Enable the feature "SME Work Order" within the Manufacturing Extension
  1. Open a manufacturing order (MO) with at least one work order
  2. Click on start for the work order
    1. If the previous steps are completed, Odoo will work as usual
    2. If there is a previous step pending to be completed, Odoo will display the following error message "Can't start this operations; the child MOs are not done yet" 

Sales Extension: configure and create product from Sales Order

This feature allows users to easily create unique products for each sales order.

  1. Enable the "Sales Product Configurator" feature
  1. Open a sales quotation
  2. Select a product with variants, when doing so the product configurator will appear
  3. Click on "Create product". This will create a new product with all field configured as per the selected product

Events Extension: show event tickets on client portal​

Now clients will be able to see all the event ticket they have acquired on the portal.

  1. Enable the "Show Event Tickets on Portal" feature within the Events Extension
  1. Go to the client portal
  2. Select the new Event Tickets menu
  3. All event tickets are displayed

Bug Fixes

ZPL Label Designer: unable to select product name field 

Users where not able to select the product name as a field in certain scenarios. This issue has not been addressed.