SME Release Notes Odoo 15

SME Silverdale V15 230314 Release Notes

Welcome to the mid-March release of our Odoo 15 module extensions. The official release date for these updates is March 14th, but we will contact you individually to schedule the release to your Odoo.

If you want to add any module extensions to your subscription, or if you have any questions or suggestions for future releases, please contact us through Silverdale cares or email us at [email protected].

Release notes for other Odoo versions 

New features

Field service extension: show field service internal reference 

T87517 When creating field service tasks and adding products in standard Odoo, users are shown the product name and price. However, in most cases, users want to see and search for products using internal reference numbers because they know products better by reference numbers than by names.

Once enabled, the Silverdale field service extension allows users to search for and see products with internal reference numbers in Kanban view while adding products to field service tasks.


  1. Go to settings and enable field service internal reference.​

  1. Once the configuration is enabled, go to field service and create a field service task.
  2. When the task is finished, the product will be displayed on top. When you right-click on it, the product Kanban view will appear.
  3.  In the product Kanban view, you can see the internal reference number, as well as the product name and pricing.
  4. You can also look for products by their reference number. 

Purchase extension: grant basic purchase users access to vendor pricelist menu

T83443 Basic purchase users in standard Odoo can see the purchase price of specific products, but only purchase managers have access to the entire vendor pricelist menu and can use it to easily update prices via import and export. Enabling the extension allows basic purchase users to access the vendor pricelist sub-menu by moving it from the configuration menu to the purchase menu.

  1. Go to settings and enable add vendor pricelist menu.

Work Flow
  1. Once the feature is enabled go to the purchase module.
  2. Users will see the vendor pricelist menu on the main screen, and users with Purchase module access rights will be able to see and access it.
  4. Clicking on vendor pricelist will let the user see and access the vendor price list without having admin access rights.

Security extension: case insensitive login

T91320 In standard Odoo, login is case-sensitive and does not allow users to login if the email is set up in uppercase format and the user enters the email or user name in lowercase format.

Enabling the case sensitive feature allows the user's login name to be any combination of upper or lower case.

  1. Go to settings and enable the login case insensitive feature from the security extension. 

When the feature is enabled, if a user is configured with the username [email protected] and tries to login with [email protected], this will allow the user to login .

Bug fixes

User role fixes​

T92663 Previously, when the user security role feature was enabled in the security extension, it had an effect on contacts and users and made it impossible to grant portal access to contacts, which has now been fixed.

Feature update

Inventory extension: equipment tracking on contact

T88832 Previously, when the equipment tracking feature in the inventory extension was enabled, the checkbox allow equipment in contact was displayed, which when checked added a new subtab in the contact named customer equipment. After the release, the checkbox allow equipment in contact will be removed, and the user will be able to see customer equipment in all cases.