SME Release Notes Odoo 14 end March 2023

Welcome to the end of March release of our Module Extensions for Odoo 15. The official release date for these updates is the 28th, but we will communicate with you individually to schedule the release to your Odoo.

If you want to add any Module Extensions to your subscription, or have any questions or ideas for future releases, please contact us via Silverdale Cares or email us at [email protected].

Release notes for other ODOO versions are here: 

Silverdale Module Extensions for Odoo 14

 New Features 

  • Field Service Extension: add product reference to "add products" menu in field service order

Feature Name

Often, field service technicians know the reference of a product instead of the name. To facilitate


  1. Enable Silverdale Field Service extension
  2. Enable the "Field Service Internal Ref" feature within the Field Service Extension

User Impact

  1. Open or create a field service order
  2. Click on the product smart button
  3. Product cards display the product name and the internal reference