Silverdale Website Module

User Guide


The Silverdale Website Extension is an excellent tool that provides essential features to enhance website functionality improving the user experience and sales.  The features include:

  1. URL Landing Page Management ​
  2. Website Maintenance Mode
  3. Coupons Based on Mailing Subscription

URL Landing Page Management 

This feature provides a hassle-free experience for website visitors. When the user logs in, they are automatically redirected to the previous screen where they left off. It is useful for e-commerce sites redirected to the relevant page facilitating closing a sale.


    1. Go to settings and enable URL Landing Page Management in the Website Extension.


User Impact  

    1. Go to the website without logging in. Go to any module, for instance, we have added one product to the cart without logging in and are in Review Order screen.


    2.Once you log in, you will again be redirected to the same Review Order page. 

Website Maintenance Mode

Website Maintenance Mode lets you define the downtime whenever you need it so that any visitors can come to the website, see the maintenance period, and come back later. This feature, when enabled, is totally dynamic and lets you add the upgrade process end time. Moreover, admin users in charge of updating the website can still access and edit it without issues.


  1. Go to settings and enable website maintenance mode. 
  2. 1. Once enabled, the user needs to define the upgrade process end time and date.

    2. The user can also add a specific user in the Admin User field, which will allow that user to see the website despite the downtime.

User Impact  

    1. Once the feature is enabled, when you visit the website a downtime screen  will be displayed along with a count down for the maintenance to be over. 2. Whereas the admin user that is defined will be able to see the website normally. 

Coupon based on Mailing List subscription 

This feature enables website owners to create a mailing list and assign a coupon program to it. As a result, any new mailing list subscriber will automatically receive a coupon from the selected program.

  1. Go to Settings and enable Coupons based on Mailing List Subscriptions


  1. Once enabled, go to Email Marketing, create or edit the existing Mailing List 
  2. Enable Send Coupon and select the coupon program that you want to link.


  1. Coupon Programs can be configured and created from website/products/Coupon programs  
  2. Since this works on a subscription basis, go to the website, add a block, and add the mailing list in the newsletter box. 
  3. This will automatically populate the mailing list.

User Impact  

  1. Once all the configuration has been made, go to the website, and a pop-up will be displayed. 
  2. 2. Upon adding the email, the user automatically gets the email with the discount applied to the coupon list.