Silverdale Stripe payment terminal for V.16


Process of setting up stripe terminal;
1. Go to the Payment Providers from the Accounting Module.

2. Go to the Stripe Terminal

3. Fill in the Credentials, i.e., API key, Location ID, Registration Code (0-7-1-3-9), and device name.
4. Go to the configuration tab from the Stripe terminal and go to the attached journal i.e., bank, through the internal link.

5. go to the Incoming Payments tab in the Bank, enable the Outstanding Receipts Accounts column, and attach 133000 Stripe Incoming Payments in the Stripe terminal column.

6. Then go to the Outgoing Payments tab, enable the Outstanding Payments Accounts, and set the Stripe Terminal column as 134000 Stripe Outgoing Payments.

7. Go to users and enable the group Stripe terminal. Only users with this group can use the stripe terminal