Silverdale Stripe payment terminal for Invoices



The Silverdale Stripe payment terminal for invoices allows customers to make payments against the invoices using the Stripe payment terminal. 


  1. Go to apps and search SME stripe terminal for Invoice/Quotation user will be displayed with stripe app, click on install.   
  2. Once installed, go to settings/users and select the user. Once selected, enable the Stripe terminal.  
  3. Once enabled, go to accounting, click on configuration, and click on payment acquirer. 
  4. In payment acquirer configuration, by adding the credentials and enabling the type of mode, we have enabled test mode. 


User Impact  

  1. Once configuration has been made, go to Accounting and create an invoice.  
  2. If you confirm the invoice and click preview or go to customer preview, you will be displayed invoice.  
  3. Click on "Pay Now" and you will be displayed with all payment options, including Stripe.