Silverdale Sales Commission

User Guide

Sales Commission are a common practice in many industries. With this module you will be able to seamlessly:

  1. Track when commissions apply: per product category, product, or specific sales order lines
  2. Compute commission  records: per bracket, fixed percentage, with tax, without tax, and before or after an invoice is paid
  3. See commission reports and create periodic settlements
Sales Commission Configuration  
  1. User needs to go to settings in Silverdale extension and enable Sale Commission. Once enabled, all the commission details can be set as needed

        2. Update user access rights: go to Settings, Users, select a users and for the Sale Commission you can choose the user or the manager role. Users can access commission settlements and report, while manages can additionally access Commission Agents and Commission Record.

       3. The next step is to define which products are eligible for commissions (note that users can also tick a specific sales order line as commissionable manually). 

        3.1. Via product categories: users will be able to see the Commission-able? Check box which needs to be enabled. That will mark all the products related to this category as commissionable 

     3.2. Via the Commission-able? check in the product variant Sales tab  


       4. The last step is to configure the commission agents, users can create or manage existing commission agent by going to the Commission Agents menu (this menu is only accessible for users with the access right "Commission Manager")  


    4.1.  If the sales commission criteria is based on a fixed percentage, the percentage will be defined for each agent

    4.2. If the sales commission criteria is based on brackets, brackets can be configured for each agent

Sales Commission Workflow
a) Sales Orders 

Users can review and modify which sales order products are commissionable, and which commission agent is linked to each sales order

  1. Create sale order  

  2. Add product, a new check box Commission-able? will be true to any commissionable product / product category; users can also check this field manually 

  3. Once the product are added, users needs to go to Other Info tab and add a commission agent

         4. The next step is creating an invoice, the invoice has the same commissionable field in the product, which will be inherited from the sales order


     5. Once an invoice is posted, or paid (depending on the configuration) the system will generate a commission record in the commission record menu 

6. Periodically, users should head to the Commissions Settlement menu, create new records for each agent and period, and then click on Process. The system will automatically compute total commissions to be paid and can create a vendor bill with one single click

Note: users can see a summary of commission grouped per agent in the Commissions Report menu.