Silverdale Purchase Extension

SME Silverdale 2301 Silverdale Purchase Extension


The Silverdale purchase extension allows you to add discounts to purchase order lines and vendor pricelists as well as adding default discounts to specific vendors.


  1. Go to settings and enable the Silverdale purchase discount. 


User Impact  

  1. Once enabled, you can now go to the purchase module and create a new purchase order. On the creation of the purchase order, you will be able to see the discount field enabled and be able to update it.
  2. In the image, the unit price is $ 1000 and the discount applied is 10%, which makes a subtotal of $900.
  3. This also has an impact when the purchase order is printed; click on print, download the purchase order, and see the discount field. 
  4. This applies the discount on the vendor level, which can be applied to different products, and once done, the discount on the product line will be picked from the vendor-defined discount.
  5. Go to purchase/vendors.
  6. Select the vendor to which the discount needs to be applied.
  7. In vendors, under the sales and purchase menu, you will be able to see the discount field. Add the discount, and this discount will be applied once the vendor is added to the product. 
  8. Once the discount is added, click on save.
  9. Go to the product list and select the product under products to be purchased. Add the vendor against which the discount is applied and click on Save. 
  10. Whenever the purchase order is created against the vendor, the discount will automatically be populated.