Silverdale Multi-Company Module

User Guide


Managing multiple companies in certain businesses can be challenging and lead to problems. Silverdale Multi Companies extension solves the issue of management by allowing users to see records and data of specific companies, reducing potential mistakes and data-related issues. It provides a simple and effective solution to manage multiple companies with ease. 

Multi-company extension

When you activate the extension, you can enable or disable access to multiple companies. 


  1. Go to Silverdale extensions in settings and check the restrict multi-company check box. 


Work flow

  1.  As soon as the restriction check box is selected, you won't be able to view the check box or choose multiple businesses at once.


2.The feature will apply to the entire company; however, some users, such as administrators, may require access to multiple companies at the same time. In such instance, navigate to users, choose the user to whom you want to assign the task, and tick the box can access multi-company checkbox