Silverdale Manufacturing Module

User Guide

Silverdale manufacturing extensions include the following two features.  

  1. Split manufacturing order 
  2. Auto-update quantity produced 

Split manufacturing order 

This feature allows for users to split one manufacturing order into as many orders as needed. The user needs to define the number of splits, and it will be split automatically.


  1. Go to settings and enable MRP Split order feature.   
  2. Once enabled, go to the manufacturing setting and enable split child MO.   

Now you will be able to see the Split option in the manufacturing order. 

User Impact

The user will have the option to split the manufacturing order after the feature setting is activated

Follow these steps to split the order.

  1. Go to manufacturing and create order.  
  2. Once the order is confirmed, you will be able to see the "Split Order" button enabled, as split orders will only be available once the order is confirmed. 
  3. Upon clicking on Split order a new screen will be opened define Split count as shown below and click on Split   
  4. In the reference original quantity is 6 if split by 2 it will make split quantity 3-3 , we have split in 2 as shown below it will be creating two orders automatically   

Auto-update quantity produced

This feature will auto-update the quantity produced based on the planned quantities, facilitating the validation of manufacturing orders.


  1. To enable go to settings and enable auto add quantity producing.  

User Impact  

  1. Once enabled, go to Manufacturing and create an order.   
  2. Once created, confirm the order.
  3. The quantities will automatically change from quantity produced to quantity to produce once the order is confirmed