Silverdale Maintenance Extension

User Guide


Proper maintenance is crucial in manufacturing industries and requires consistent adherence to SOPs. Silverdale maintenance extensions offer a solution by providing worksheets for equipment maintenance, ensuring systematic and documented procedures. Lack of standardization can make maintenance challenging, but Silverdale extensions simplify the process.

Maintenance extension

When the maintenance extension is enabled, you can create a worksheet and assign it to specific maintenance teams and equipment. This function assists the user in adding a worksheet and scheduling maintenance.


  1. Go to settings and enable maintenance worksheet under maintenance extension. 
  2. Once activated go to maintenance click on configuration and then select maintenance worksheet template to set up a template.  
  3. The template is now created and associated with (my company), once saved click on design template to design the worksheet 
  4. .This example template is designed simply with text and signature fields; you can drag and drop any field based on your requirements.

User Impact

  1. Go to the equipment tab and select the equipment; if it does not exist, create one.  
  2. In the equipment, click on maintenance and select the worksheet to be assigned with equipment. 
  3. 3. Once added, click on save, create a maintenance request, and select the equipment against which the worksheet was added. Once the equipment is selected, it will enable the worksheet in the top right corner right away.

    4. Click on the worksheet to fill; as soon as it is filled, it will be marked as worksheet completed.