Silverdale Mail Module

User Guide


Silverdale Mail Extension is a useful tool that adds several new features to the standard Odoo email composer, making everyday work and communication with customers more intuitive and efficient . 

Key features:

    1. Send message composer
    2. Email "from" feature on email composer   
    3. Email BCC feature on email template
    4. Activity for multiple users 
    5. Company Based notification 
    6. Email "from" and CC when sending invoices

Send Message Composer

This feature opens an email dialogue and composer that is more intuitive and easier to type messages. Users will have the option to use a template to add multiple recipients, whereas in standard Odoo, clicking on Send Message sends the message to followers with very few options. This feature also helps to better differentiate between emails that probably include clients and internal notes.


    1. Go to settings and enable send message composer in the Silverdale mail extension.

User Impact 

  1.  Once the configuration is enabled, clicking on send message from any module will open a popup for the email composer. 

This feature can also be used in the invoices and all other modules where the send message feature is available. 

Email "from" feature on email composer   

Mail extension, when enabled, will allow users to see an email 'from', which will contain the actual sender’s email. This can also be changed based on the user's assigned roles, and once the email is sent, the recipient will see the 'from' email as configured at the time of sending the email.


  1. Go to settings and enable mail extension in Silverdale mail extension. 
  2. Go to users, select the user, and enable show from address on mail composer. 

User Impact 

  1. Go to any module from where you can send message, click on send message, which will open a mail popup.
  2.  In the mail popup, you will be displayed with the 'from' option in the email composer.
  3. The from option will have a list of all the contacts within the company, and the user can select any contact in the from field once selected and an email sent. The recipient will be able to see the email from the user selected while composing the email.  
  4. You displayed multiple options to be selected from a field that are within the same company despite being logged in as an administrator.
  5. Once the email is sent, the recipient will receive an email from test customer 2.

Email BCC 

This feature allows you to have an option of blind carbon copy, which is not in the standard Odoo version. Email's BCC feature works exactly like how the standard BCC feature works in other emails: users can send blind carbon copy emails to multiple participants.


  1.  Go to settings and enable the email BCC feature on the email template. ​ 

User Impact 

  1. Once enabled, click on send message, and the user will be displayed with the email BCC option.  

  2. Add the recipient's email; you can add multiple recipients by separating with a comma.


Activity for multiple users

Sometimes an activities involves more than one person, but standard Odoo can only assign an activity for a single user at a time, whereas Silverdale mail extensions allow you to assign it to multiple users in one go, making it easy. 


  1. Go to settings and enable activity for multiple users.   

User Impact 

  1. Once configuration is made click on schedule activity and then a pop-up will appear, add multiple users in assign to multiple users, 

Company Based notification 

The user occasionally receives notices for several companies at once when he is assigned to several of them. For example, even when the user is in Company A and is assigned to both Company A and Company B, he will still receive a notification for Company B.

If activated, the Silverdale extension enables users to see notifications for the specific company that is currently active. For example, when company A is active, the user will only see notifications related to company A. But when switching to company B, user will only see company B related notifications.


  1. Go to settings and enable Company based notification in Silverdale Mail extension.  

User Impact  

Once the feature is enabled, the user will only be able to receive the notification for the specific company that they are in if they are assigned to multiple companies.

Email "from" and CC when sending invoices 

The Mail Extension for invoices allows users to have more options, like changing the source or adding a CC.


  1. Go to Settings and enable Mail extension for Invoices.  

User Impact  

  1. Go to accounting and create or update an invoice, then click on send and print.

  2. You will be displayed with a Silverdale updated email popup including CC and from email options.