Silverdale General Module

User Guide


The Silverdale General Extension provides useful features for managing Odoo applications more effectively. By enabling this extension, users gain more control over the creation of records on the fly for different models, which can prevent the creation of invalid records and help avoid invoicing errors. Silverdale General Extension provides two improvements that are applicable to any Odoo application:

  1. Control Creation of records on M2O Fields
  2. Uninstall Multiple Modules 

Control Creation Of Records On M20 Fields

Silverdale extension lets you have better control on ODOO for the creation of any models on the fly. This can drastically reduce errors by avoiding duplicated products, contacts, or any other type of entry specially when new employees are starting to use Odoo. It also helps that new records are created from the right place, ensuring that all the required information is properly added. 


  1. Go to settings and then, from the Silverdale extension, check control creation of records on M2O fields. 
  2. Once enabled, you can add any model that needs to be restricted. I.e.: sales order, inventory transfer helpdesk ticket, field service task...        
  3. Once the model is defined, the user will not be able to create records on the fly. Below is an example of a restricted product where the user cannot create any records on the fly and the system does not allow the user to do so.

Uninstall multiple modules

Multiple program uninstalling has never been simpler. It takes a lot of time to uninstall each programme manually in standard Odoo. With Silverdale extensions, you can pick several modules at once and uninstall them altogether. You need to first enable the extension for this to happen.


Once the extension has been enabled, you can:

  1. Go to Applications and switch to list view.
  2. Choose many applications that should be uninstalled.
  3. To uninstall several applications, click Uninstall.