Silverdale Document Module

User Guide


The Silverdale document extension includes a number of features that makes document management easier.   

Key features:

Customer documents on portal 

This feature allows the customer to upload and view the documents on the portal that they have uploaded. Users can preview the documents and download them; work spaces can be configured by internal users.


  1. Go to settings and enable customer documents on the portal from the Silverdale document extension. 
  2. User can setup workspace right away from the drop down or go to document/configuration and create a new workspace.
  3. Once configured, go to documents and in configuration click on portal directories to setup a one.   
  4. In portal directories, add contacts; adding contacts will define which contacts can access and upload documents on the portal.   

User Impact  

  1. Once the configuration has been made, users will be allowed to upload and view documents on the portal.
  2. Go to documents and upload a document.  
  3. For the document we have uploaded, the user will be displayed with configuration on the right side, enabled to share documents, and the user will be displayed with a drop-down for the portal directory. As an example, we have added the portal directory for the public user that we just created. 
  4. The user will now be displayed with all the documents on the portal and can upload the documents on the portal to the Portal Directory.
  5. Go to the website, go to account, and the user will be displayed with the document module enabled.  
  6. Click on a document, and the user will be displayed with a list of documents uploaded by them on the portal. 
  7. To upload the document from the portal, click on the upload button on the right side. 
  8. Clicking on this will open a popup; choose a file, and then click on "Save".  
  9. Once done, documents will be uploaded and displayed in the portal.  
  10. The document will also be available in the documents module.  


Upload documents to Wasabi

This feature allows to configure Wasabi, and once configuration has been done, the user will be able to upload the document in Odoo, which will automatically be uploaded to Wasabi. The user will then be able to view the document on the Wasabi portal.

Storing documents in Wasabi helps to comply with multiple certifications such as HIPAA and GDPR. For more information, please check this website:


  1. Go to settings and enable document extension.  
  2. Enable Wasabi.  
  3. Enter the credentials provided by Wasabi (if you do not have an account yet, you can create one here).
  4. Add information and click on test connection.  
  5. Once connection is successful, click on save. 
  6. Go to documents and click on Portal directories in configuration.  
  7. Select the directory to which the Wasabi needs to be configured.  
  8. Add wasabi connection name and wasabi folder name.    

User Impact  

  1. Once the configuration has been made, all the documents uploaded will be automatically moved to the Wasabi folder if the directory has the Wasabi connection active.