Silverdale Contacts Module

User Guide

Good contact management is a basic building block in any client-facing process. For example, having contacts with incorrect data is often a problem that can be costly in many ways. Silverdale contacts extension will help you with two key issues: having correct addresses and controlling in detail which kind of documents each contact has access to via the client portal.  

Silverdale contacts offers the following features:  

  1. USPS address validation   

  2. Client portal access rights per contact

  3. Auto create contact reference
  4. Individual first and last name   

USPS Address Validation 

Silverdale USPS Address Validation allows users to validate the address in real-time using USPS validation, which reduces issues when mailing, doing deliveries or preparing any documentation that displays customer data. 

To use this feature the first step is to enable it and enter your USPS User ID (you can create your own here or user our testing ID "875NOCOM5257").

To do so, click on the validate address button, and a message will remain at the top of the contact indicating the address status. This feature is also available in delivery orders. 




Additionally, this feature will provide: 

  • 1) Suggestions to update the address format as per USPS rules

  • 2) Automatically revalidate addresses, as per the configuration in settings


  • 3) Automatic validate on contact creation 


 Client Portal Access Rights Per Contact

Organizations can have complex structures and each of our clients can have diverse needs in terms of who can see what. As a result, our extension includes a dedicated contact tab to control client portal access rights for accounting, helpdesk, purchase, sales, project, and timesheets:

The result is a personalize portal view, each customer will see the document types that are relevant to them

Auto Create Contact Reference

It is common to have contacts with long names, or duplicated names.  To better manage your contacts his feature will automatically generate an internal reference whenever a contact is created.

To enable the extension enable Auto create Partner reference in Contacts extension as shown below

Once enabled you can also define the sequence parameters in the Settings app,  Technical/Sequences menu, inside the Partner Sequence as shown below (remember to activate debug mode to access the Technical menu):

Here you can change the Prefix , Suffix , Sequence Size, and Next Number. The changes will be reflected once a new contact is created. In this example we have added prefix as Contact- which means if we create a new contact that will always start with prefix Contact- and then the system defined sequence . 

Once the contact is created reference will be created automatically as shown below:

Individual First and​ Last Name  

For individual contacts, the name is ready only and is automatically filled based on two new fields: first name and last name. 


Users can also choose Partner Name Order and define them through settings following are the orders that can be used.  

  • Last name First Name  

  • First Name Last Name  

  • Last Name, First Name