Silverdale Audit Module

User Guide


The Silverdale Audit extension allows users to generate reports with the following information:

Installed App Chart   

List of all apps in the PDF report along with the authors of the applications.

Installed App Category   

List of all the apps along with their category, indicating which application belongs to which category (Sales, Accounting, etc.).  

Show Security Roles   

List of all the users along with the roles and rights they are assigned for the particular module.  

Company Configuration   

List of all configuration settings for every single module and field.

Show Studio Changes   

List of all changes made in Studio, along with field name, field label, model, and type. 

Installed App List   

List of all the applications that are installed along with Name, Author, Category and Website.

Master Data Coverage   

List of the complete master data information module and master data wise, including all the details on master data like total contacts, contacts with missing email addresses, contacts with missing phone numbers, companies without contacts, etc.


Duplicated Records   

List of contacts with duplicate email and names, products with duplicate barcodes and reference numbers, and companies with duplicated emails. 


  1. Go to settings and enable Audit Master Data From Silverdale Odoo Audit Module.   

User Process  

  1. Once the feature is enabled, the user will be displayed with the System Audit Icon.